> From: Timothy Young <[log in to unmask]>
 > However, it seems that OpenText will allow some tags to be broken, but it
 > has a problem with other *crucial* tags. I discovered that all of the files
 > on my "refuse to index" list shared the same characteristic, which was that
 > the <archdesc> tag was broken between two lines as in the following example:

Well, I got a little worried about this. We haven't seen any go missing
AFAIK, but then we've got a few. So I tried, using a rebuild (OT version
7.1 on sparc solaris2.5.1) between changes, the following variations:

0) exactly as in Timothy Young's example:
   <unittitle label="Title">Leo Szilard Papers,
   <unitdate type="inclusive">1898&ndash;1964</unitdate></unittitle>

0.5) the same, only with \r appended after the newline;

1) another variant:
   language="en"  level="collection"  langmaterial="en">

2) & another

3) tag terminates on same line:
   <archdesc language="en"  level="collection"  langmaterial="en">

all resulted in the same search result:

   >> region UNITTITLE incl ">Leo Szilard Papers"
     1: one match
   >> pr sample
        6518, ..<unittitle label="Title">Leo Szilard Papers,  <unitdate type="inclusive">1898&ndash;1964</unitdate></unittitle> ..

So I wonder what's going on. Anyone from OT listening? (Nah) Maybe this is
a feature of the NT release.

-- Rich Fuchs [log in to unmask] (Research Libraries Group)