Please respond to Caroline through the list as I am guessing many of
us will be interested in the responses.

Thank you,
Amy Leimkuhler
Special Collections Librarian
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Subject: Production statistics for EAD markup
Author:  Encoded Archival Description List <[log in to unmask]> at umkc-smtpgate
Date:    4/1/98 5:46 AM

We're in the process of drafting a grant proposal for EAD markup of a =
substantial number of finding aids which are very varied in information =
content and structure.  As we've only just begun experimenting with the =
SGML authoring software, I'm hoping the list can help with the following =

Has anyone (or institution) who has been doing this for a while generated =
any statistics as to the average amount of time spent preparing a Web =
ready finding aid - including markup, designing style sheets etc.  We're =
looking for a very general time/page estimate so we can get a sense of how =
many finding aids to include in our project.

I appreciate any help or suggestions.

Caroline Moseley
American Institute of Physics
Center for History of Physics
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