I too, encountered the "entity mapping error" in line 284 of ead.dtd that I
downloaded form LC. I'm glad it was not simply my error. I have no advice to
offer Chuck as I have not yet tried to tackle the problem. I would like to ask
that any advice offered to Chuck gets offered to the list since there may be a
few of us with this problem.

Amy Leimkuhler
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Hi All,
Following the LOC's instructions for implementing EAD, I downloaded the
specific files and placed them in the same directory as my first
EAD-tagged file. When Netscape invokes Panorama Pro and tries to display
the .sgm file properly, the parser immediately gives me 2 sequential error
messages each time:

1)the first is that there is a syntax error within the file ead.dtd. The
parser indicated the syntax error is in the first line of the
file, and indicates it is between the first two strings, <!DOCTYPE [cursor
goes here] ead

2)the second message says the viewer failed to locate the URL's for two
files: "entityrc" and "catalog". I am suspecting that this error is a
direct result of it not reading the dtd properly.

The file, if anyone is interested, may be found at

Any advice is appreciated.
Chuck Thomas

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