While I've been having similar problems as Chuck Thomas, I now have
another which I hope some can help me solve.

I cannot get Panorama to view the EAD files we have created.

We are using Panorama Pro 1.5 and we are running Win95.

From what we can tell we have configured both Panorama and the site
correctly.  For example if I run Panorama by itself and look at the SGML
instance on my local folder then the file displays in Panorama
correctly.  If I am running Netscape and select File, Open Page and
select the SGML instance on my local folder then Panorama starts and
displays the file.  However, if I make an html page through Frontpage
and create a link to the SGML instance (I'll call this the eadindex
page) then I have problems.

What happens when I display the eadindex page in Netscape and click on
the link is: either a Save As dialog box appears and the file appears in
the dialog as an exe file (it actually replaces the 'sgm' with 'exe')
or the whole file appears in a browser window and Panorama does not
startup.  The first problem appears on our 'development server' which is
running MS personal web server on Win95 and the other problem appears on
our UNIX machine running Netscape server.

Finally I should add that when I view other institutions' EAd  instances
then everything behaves just fine.   It seems to me that there must be
some 'switch' on my FrontPage Web which is prohibiting my system from
starting up the Panorama viewer.  Has anyone run into a similar problem?

You can take a look at the site at

The EAD  instance is

Thanks for any comments or suggestions.  I've also contacted our tech
person who helped us develop our site.  I am thoroughly baffled.

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