The best source of information on free software is Robin Cover's homepage:

The best source of information on commercial software is Steve Pepper's
Whirlwind Guide to SGML & XML Tools and Vendors:

I hope this helps a little.


At 04:50 PM 4/21/1998 +1000, you wrote:
>Dear List,
>Have been lurking on the list for some time now, but have also been quite
>silent of late.   However the University of Melbourne Archives is in the
>initial steps of submitting for a grant application together with the Noel
>Butlin Archives at the Australian National University, wherein we look WEB
>marking-up our respective lists of Business and Labour holdings.
>In this we are assessing the range of options available to us including the
>EAD.  It would help our conceptualisation at this stage if someone could
>provide a list of the sgml and xml authoring packages to date which are
>readilly adapted to the templates and other elements of the Ead.dtd.  I have
>some memory of seeing such a thing from time to time, but most mentions have
>been of this or that compatible software.
>If someone on the list can provide such a list it may help us come to grips
>with the plethora of editer software laying claim to the most brilliant on
>the block.  Any critical commentary on various softwares would also be
>appreciated.  I am presuming that many have the sought of syntax errors
>imputed to of late, but that these can be got around, with
>patience and especially with a little programming assistance.
>Many thanks for any assistance that can be provided.
>Yours sincerely,
>Leigh Swancott
>CRA Archivist, University of Melbourne Archives
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