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Subject:       Position announcement CERN
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  OFFICE MEMO          Position announcement CERN Archivist   Date:22/04/98

The post of the CERN Archivist, within the Scientific Information Service,
European Organisation for Nuclear Research -CERN- Geneva, Switzerland, will
become vacant in September 1998. A vacancy notice for a qualified archivist is
now published.

Applicants should have the nationality of a CERN member state. The list of
member states is indicated in the vacancy notice.

General information about CERN and recruitment is available on the Web at the

The vacancy notice, under the reference of "Scientific Information Officer (in
the field of archiving)" is fully described at the following Web address:

Instructions for application can be found at:

More information about the CERN Historical and Scientific Archives is
available at:

Further information can be obtained from Andrzej Charkiewicz, CERN, Divisional
Personnel Officer, CH-1211 Geneva 23 Switzerland  or via e-mail:
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Sender: Dr. Corrado Pettenati
Head, Scientific Information Service
CERN  Geneva  Switzerland

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