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     FED Funding for FED Organizations Online Content
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FUNDING For Federal Online Content development! Meeting April 29.

For interested FEDERAL AGENCIES/Fed Employees only!
Dept of Ed, 600 Independence Ave. SW, Rm 2411, April 29, 2pm

Agencies wanting to partner with teachers to create Learning
Modules about their FEDERAL ORGANIZATION CONTENT, can attend.
There are 7 awards for $50,000 each and 10 awards for $5,000.
ONLY Federal organizations can apply.  Please encourage teachers
to partner with you.  See press release below.  You do NOT have to
register for the meeting but a response is appreciated to
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The due date for the APPLICATION/PROPOSALS is May 19.

FREE Working Group Members (and other Federal employees):

Please join us for this meeting.  And we need your help!

If you know of individuals in your agency who are thinking
of submitting a proposal (to develop Internet-based learning
modules & communities), could you please invite them to a
meeting of the FREE Working Group & other interested federal
employees on Wednesday, April 29, 2:00 - 3:30.

The purpose of this meeting is for individuals in federal
agencies that are considering submitting a proposal to have
a chance to ask questions & get answers.

We will also offer a brief demo of the FREE website & a
quick overview of the Invitation.

Can you please get this message to any of your colleagues
who you think are interested?  Please note that this
meeting is for federal employees only.  (The Invitation is

I apologize for this late notice.

Kirk Winters
U.S. Department of Education
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     Directions for April 29 Meeting
     600 Independence Avenue, SW, Barnard Auditorium, 2nd Floor,
     Room 2411.  Just across the street (south) from the National
     Air & Space Museum.  Parking can be difficult.  The L'Enfant
     metro stop (on the blue/orange & yellow/green lines) is just
     across the street, if you take the 7th Street & Maryland
     exit on the top level.

     A NEW ONE-STOP WEB SITE for teaching & learning resources was

     announced today by Secretary Riley.

     The web site, "Federal Resources for Educational Excellence,"

     *  quick access to hundreds of teaching & learning
     resources across the federal government.

     *  a place where teachers, federal agencies & other
     organizations can begin forming partnerships to develop new
     for teaching & learning.

     *  information about an effort to support partnerships of
     federal agencies & teachers, as well as other organizations,
     develop Internet-based learning resources & Internet-based

     We in the Department of Education have had the honor & good
fortune to
     work on this, during the past 9 months, with dozens of
     committed individuals in more than 35 federal agencies.  They
     given countless hours to help develop this web site.

     We want to thank these individuals, collectively known as the
     working group.  And on behalf of the FREE working group, we
invite you
     to visit the site, explore it & tell us what you think.  Our
hope is
     that this is just a first step!

     The FREE web site is at:

     A press release announcing the web site is below.

     Kirk Winters, Peter Kickbush, Linda Roberts, Keith Stubbs &
     U.S. Department of Education
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     ********************************************* Riley Announces
     One-Stop Web Site for Teaching & Learning Resources (April 8,

     Hundreds of federal resources for teaching & learning can now
be found
     at one web site, U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley

     announced today.

     "This new web site, *Federal Resources for Educational
     (FREE), offers one-stop shopping for a treasure trove of
     documents, scientific experiments, mathematical challenges,
     paintings, and other tools for teachers & students," Riley

     A search of the web site produces dozens of resources for
teaching &
     learning from more than 35 federal agencies. Thousands of
topics can
     be searched -- the Civil War, the
     Constitution, photosynthesis, condensation, immigration,
     Jefferson, Henry David Thoreau, Mary Cassatt, Jackie
Robinson, the
     Amistad Case, the America Reads Challenge, famous FBI cases,
     cartography, genealogy, the Renaissance, calculus
simulations, "today
     in history," the human genome project, epidemiology, "the
     American odyssey," the solar system, the microbe zoo, and
     Resources can also be viewed in 12 subject areas.

     "More than 35 federal agencies have collaborated for nearly a
year on
     this effort," Riley said.  "Their work -- this web site - -
offers a
     glimpse of how government can use technology to serve
citizens in ways
     barely dreamed of a decade ago."

     The FREE site was developed in response to a directive
     Clinton issued nearly a year ago.  It can help make
compelling online
     resources available in every school, which is part of the
     Technology Literacy Challenge.  The four goals of this
challenge are:

     *   All teachers will be trained to help students learn
     computers & the information superhighway;

     *   All students & teachers will have access to modern

     *   All schools & classrooms will be linked to the
     superhighway; and,

     *   High-quality software & online resources will be part of
     curriculum in every school.

     "FREE is just a first step," Riley said.  "And it is more
than just
     another web site.  It is a place where federal agencies &
teachers can
     begin forming partnerships to develop additional
     standards-based resources for teaching & learning."

     To that end, the Education Department today announced support
for up
     to seven partnerships of federal agencies & teachers, as well
as other
     organizations.  Each partnership will develop two products:

     *   A set of Internet-based learning resources organized
     a particular topic & tied to challenging academic standards.
A set of
     resources might include, for instance, student activities,
     ideas, primary documents, artifacts, scientific tools, and
data sets;

     *   An Internet-based learning community -- a community of
     teachers, students & others who use & contribute to that set

     Proposals must be submitted by federal agencies on behalf of
     partnership & must be received by May 19, 1998.  The
     requesting proposals & the complete application are at:

     Teachers & organizations interested in participating are
invited to
     post a message on the "Looking for Partners" area of the FREE
     site, at:

     The FREE web site is at:

     Attached is a list of federal agencies & federal
organizations that
     participated in the FREE Working Group, which developed the
FREE web

     Federal agencies & organizations
     contributing to the FREE web site:

     1.   Advisory Council on Historic Preservation 2.   Agency
     International Development
     3.   Centers for Disease Control & Prevention 4.   Consumer
     Safety Commission
     5.   Corporation for National Service 6.   Department of
     7.   Department of Army
     8.   Department of Commerce
     9.   Department of Defense
     10.  Department of Education
     11.  Department of Energy
     12.  Department of Health & Human Services
     13.  Department of Housing & Urban Development 14.
Department of
     15.  Department of Justice
     16.  Department of Labor
     17.  Department of State
     18.  Department of Transportation
     19.  Department of the Treasury
     20.  Environmental Protection Agency
     21.  Federal Emergency Management Agency 22.  Federal
     23.  General Services Administration
     24.  High Performance Computing & Communication 25.  Kennedy
     26.  Library of Congress
     27.  National Aeronautics & Space Administration 28.
     Archives & Records Administration 29.  National Endowment for
the Arts
     30.  National Endowment for the Humanities 31.  National
Gallery of
     32.  National Park Service
     33.  National Science Foundation
     34.  National Security Agency
     35.  Nuclear Regulatory Commission
     36.  Office of Personnel Management
     37.  Peace Corps
     38.  Securities & Exchange Commission 39.  Smithsonian
     40.  Social Security Administration
     41.  U.S. Geological Survey
     42.  U.S. Information Agency
     43.  U.S. International Trade Commission 44.  U.S. Postal
     45.  The White House
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