FLICC Meeting Announcement MA 98-22

HTML 101: Basic HyperTest Markup Language

Learn how to put your resources and materials on the Web! Join
Elizabeth Miller from the Library of Congress Network Development
and MARC Standards Office for an introduction to HTML. A regular
HTML instructor for LC staff, Miller will highlight basic
concepts, technical information, steps in planning and designing
web documents, and using editors and validation tools. The class
will also cover the following HTML codes:

* Required structural tags
* Text formatting tags
* List tags
* Character formatting tags (logical and physical)
* Linking to other documents (anchor tag)
* Including in-line images
* Tables

Rather than a one-day course, FEDLINK will host the class over two
morning sessions so participants may process this in-depth
technical information and pose follow-up questions in the final
session. Participants will need to attend both sessions to
complete the class.

Thursday, May 7, 1998
Friday May 8, 1998

Both events are from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Registration begins
at 8:30 a.m.)

West Dining Room, 6th Floor, Madison Building, Library of
Congress, 101 Independence Avenue, SE, Washington, DC

Capitol South (Orange and Blue lines)

FEDLINK Network Operations

$100. Registration is required. Call the FLICC Office to register
(202) 707-4800.

Interpreting services (American Sign Language, Contact Signing,
Oral and/or Tactical) will be provided if requested five (5)
business days in advance of the event. For other ADA
Accommodations, please contact the Library's ADA Coordinator at
(202) 707-9948 TTY or (202) 707-7544 VOICE.

Call FLICC (202) 707-4800; TTY (202) 707-4995

Please notify FLICC at (202) 707-4800 if you are unable to attend
to allow those on the waiting list an opportunity to register.