Network Bulletin No. 98-23

Date:  April 10, 1998

Subject:  Learning disabilities

Index term:  Information about the Coordinated Campaign for
Learning Disabilities

During the month of April a coalition of national learning
disability organizations and the Advertising Council will
launch a national public service advertising campaign
related to learning disabilities.  In addition to television
and radio ads, a print ad will be distributed to 1,500
public service directors across America.

The coalition, funded through the Emily Hall Tremaine
Foundation, consists of the Learning Disabilities
Association of America (LDA); the National Center for
Learning Disabilities (NCLD); the International Dyslexia
Association (IDA) (formerly the  Orton Dyslexia Society);
the Parents and Educators Resource Center (PERC), a program
of the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation; the Council for
Exceptional Children (CEC), Division for Learning
Disabilities (DLD); and the Council for Learning
Disabilities (CLD).

The coalition is distributing a twelve-page Coordinated
Campaign for Learning Disabilities (CCLD) brochure that
describes available resources, including books-on-tape from
Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic.  The brochure does not
mention a source of machines for playing the books-on-tape.

We bring this information to your attention because network
libraries may receive an increase in referrals during the
period of the campaign.

More information is available from the ad campaign's
official web site at or by calling

For further information contact:

Carolyn Sung, Chief
Network Division