The Program for Cooperative Cataloging's Standing Committee on
Automation is seeking 2 new members for 3-year terms, commencing
in October, 1998.  Candidates normally come from libraries that are
active in any of the constituent programs of the PCC (BIBCO,
CONSER, NACO, SACO), though the Governance Document does
allow representatives from non-Program participants to join.  The
Committee consists of 11 members, representing both Program
member libraries and specific organizations that are members of, or
cooperate with, the PCC.  They are:

Ruth Bogan (Cooperative Computer Services, Arlington Heights, Ill.)
Eric Celeste, CONSER representative (MIT)
John Espley, AVIAC liaison (VTLS)
Ed Glazier, RLG liaison (Research Libraries Group)
Michael Kaplan, Chair (Indiana University)
John Levy, LC CONSER liaison (Library of Congress)
Louise Ratliff (University of California, Los Angeles)
Gary Strawn (Northwestern University)
Vitus Tang (Stanford University Libraries)
David Whitehair, OCLC liaison (OCLC)
David Williamson, LC automation liaison (Library of Congress)

     Michael Kaplan and Vitus Tang will be leaving the Standing
Committee on Automation at the end of their terms (September 1998).

     The SC serves as the automation arm of the PCC and takes its
direction from the PCC Governance Document.  That and other
information about the PCC can be found on the PCC home page
(  The Chair of the Committee is a
non-voting member of the PCC Policy Committee and attends both
Policy and Operations meetings at the Library of Congress.
 Currently the Program funds the travel portion (only) of attendance.

     Members of the Committee are expected to attend both ALA
Annual and Midwinter meetings (no subventions are supplied) and to
participate in both Standing Committee and SC Task Group meetings
(as assigned) while at ALA.  Between ALA meetings most work is
conducted via E-mail.

     The SC invites librarians who are interested in these and other
automation issues affecting the mission of the PCC to send a brief
statement to Michael Kaplan, Chair of the SC (E-mail address below),
explaining why they are interested, what they feel they can contribute
to the work of the SC, and a brief CV, including information on your
local system and your automation/technical services experience.
(Please be certain that institutional support (both financial for ALA
meetings and time to work on PCC SC and TG work) will be available.)
 Please send your statements of interest no later than Friday, April 24,
1998.  The SC will make its decisions from among the names received
and will notify all applicants by mid-May of the results of the selection
process.  The 2 new members will be invited to attend the
Committee's meeting at ALA this summer (Saturday afternoon, June
27) as observers.

       II            Michael Kaplan, Ph. D.
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