Hi all,
Here's a brief rundown of what I've gotten from email messages, both recent
and ancient!  I combed saved email messages and got new messages from
several people.  Please take a minute to update this information and provide
me with *accurate* (I couldn't find exact names for some of the events)
names, dates, title of presentation, number in attendance, sponsor of

Bill Fernekes & Harlene Rosenberg - Boston ?

Geri Appel - National Conference of Coalition of Essential Schools, 11 '97

Monica Edinger & Cory Brandt - 23rd Annual Parents and Reading Conference,
NECC '98, Intranet Course Development Workshop, Jan conference (?), book:Far
Away and Long Ago:  Young Historians in the Classroom

Della Barr Brooks - informal presentations at Teachers College

Linda Joseph - workshop of library media specialists, teleconference with
Leni and Kath at CUE, article in Multimedia Schools

Paul Filio & Carolyn Kindle - NCSS '97

Barbara Wysocki & Frances Jocobson - Illinois School Librry Media
Association Annual Conference, faculty presentation 5 '98, Port of Entry
with distance learning class

Chris Fricke & Glenda Ritz - MSD Washington Township staff workshop

Mike Federspiel & Tim Hall - Michigan Council of Social Studies

Mike Young & Carol Nickerson - Nebraska State Conference (?)

Brian Bindschadler & Jeff Wadman - CFSD Inservice Day, small group meetings,
discussions, work sessions

Richard del Rio & Carol Barry - California Council for Social Studies (?)

Kathleen Ferenz & Leni Donlan - NECC '98, in class at SFSU

Nancy Kerwin & Joelen Mulvaney - teacher inservice

Laura Wakefield & Joy Penney - Florida League of Teachers, Living History
Museum Grant

Jackie Brooks & Deborah Pendelton - North Carolina Association for
Educational Communications & Technology

Doug Perry & Wendy Sauer - Washington State Social Studies Conference

If this list brings back memories (fond or otherwise), take a minute and jot
me a note ([log in to unmask]).  Any thing that went well, any thing that didn't,
any thing you'd wished you'd done or not done....  Or anything else that
strikes you.  Hindsight is 20/20 and will help us all do a better job in the
future!  I'd like to synthesize the comments and prepare a help guide for all.

Judith K. Graves
Education Resources Specialist
National Digital Library Program
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.  20540-1320
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