Hello All,

Its been great hearing all the dissemination reports.  I would say this is an
area that we have all excelled at.  Here is an update from Agnes and I.


All middle and high school social studies teachers, in our county, attended a
general inservice meeting during the pre-school workdays.  We introduced the
American Memory Collection and distributed copies of our lessons and the LOC

Octorber 14, 1998 - We conducted a five-hour inservice on "Using Digitized
Primary Resources".  There was nine participants in the hands-on staff
development program.  All participants received a copy of "Port of Entry".

November 7, 1998 - We presented at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Virginia
Social Studies Educators in Williamsburg.  We introduced the American Memory
Collection and discussed the resources available.  We highlighted our lesson
and the "Port of Entry" lesson.  There were 34 participants.

April 4, 1998 - As Region III, Virginia Teacher of the Year, I presented an
inservice on multicultural education to 45 teachers in the region.
Information using primary sources of the LOC was included in the conference

Future Plans - Agnes has been invited to present the American Memory
Collection in Fauquier County in November of 1998.