Some folks are using EAD in a Z39.50 Bib-1 context but I'll let them
speak for themselves.

Bib-1 does not seem to spport directly the hierarchical aspects of
archival descriptions as reflected in EAD.  While the digital
collections profile may accomplish that aspect better, I understand that
it is still some distance from completion.

In the meanwhile, there is an indirect route to mapping EAD to Bib-1 in
that the EAD tag library which will be available by the end of summer
does note equivalencies between EAD elements and MARC fields.   In turn,
the existing Attribute Set for Bib-1 Semantics maps Bib-1 to MARC.    In
some cases the mapping will be less than totally precise since there is
not always a one-to-one correlation between MARC semantics and EAD
semantics, at least at the level of detail to which particular finding
aids may be encoded.


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>We are mapping EAD tags to Z39.50 BIB-1 use attributes and would like to
>be consistent with standard practice.  Has anyone done this?  Has a
>standard been set?
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