>We are mapping EAD tags to Z39.50 BIB-1 use attributes and would like to
>be consistent with standard practice.  Has anyone done this?  Has a
>standard been set?

We too will be using Z39.50 as one route to get at our EAD finding aids.
Our Z-server currently only supports Bib-1, so we'll have to do some
mapping too. The approach we're using is slightly different and more
indirect, but it's also one that can be implemented today rather while we
wait for other standards and has other advantages for us.

We will be using our Z-server to provide a unified access point to all of
our online catalogs, some structured in EAD, others in MARC, local flavors
of SGML, etc. To do this, we're mapping, or rather adding, the Dublin Core
to the Bib-1 attribute set. That is accomplished by adding the DC elements
as new/extended attributes in the Bib-1 set with new numbers, etc. I found
this "DC extensions to the Bib-1 set" as a paper online by Ralph LeVan. Not
sure if it's proposed or official yet, but definitely workable now with the
server we have. Then we map the Dublin Core to each resource for the local
mapping (i.e. DC to EAD, DC to MARC, etc.). Again, I found online proposals
for each of these individual mappings. I altered some of them slightly, and
will be using these final maps to mount our Z-server access.

So, for instance when someone searches our server for "title" it will call
to the Z-server for "Bib1/1071:DC-title" which will search the EAD catalog
for "<titleproper>" the MARC cataloges for the title field, etc. I used DC
as the semantic because it can be a common denominator for multiple
resources - then Z39.50 enables this integration technically and allows us
to keep each resource in it's native format for other uses and access

Our EAD stuff is online, but our Z access is not public yet. Still, I'm
happy to share our maps, etc. with anyone who would that info. Hope this
helps a little.

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