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>From:  Massimo Castellacci[SMTP:[log in to unmask]]
>Sent:  Friday, May 15, 1998 9:53 AM
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>Subject:       Attribute values
>While converting into EAD an existing finding aid from a DataBase, we
>encountered some problems about values of tag attributes.
>The tag library tell us that some of these values belong to a
>close dictionary (with the exception of values like OTHERLEVEL and
>all that begins with OTHER...) and our question is: have these values
> a particular infuence on the behaviour of SGML parsing software, or
>they are simply values linked to a tag? If the second idea is true,
>can we fill this attributes with other values than those proposed on
>tag library?

this is exactly what they are to used for.  If one of the listed values
is not appropriate, users can substitute their own.   The idea is that
the listed attributes reflect the most common values that might be
applied and thereby creates some standardization of terminology but
recognizes that such a list cannot be definitive.

>Instead, if this is not true, have we to map our values on those
>fixed on tag library and put those not mappable in OTHER...?
>I hope I was understandable.
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