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Panorama Author/Editor rules files


SoftQuad's intentions were better than their follow-through.  Many
people have worked hard and figured out how to make their products
work for TEI and EAD applications.  Many others have given up in
frustration.  We stopped promoting the SGML publishing suite, but if
folks are still interested in buying it and SQ is still willing to
give the RLG member discount, that's fine with us.

If SoftQuad supplied you the correct package, you should have the
files you need in a directory called pano20/sgmlpub.  At least in the
version I know of (circa a year ago), three of the files were
defective and you can replace them with these in in the PUB directory
of RLG's anonymous FTP site:

They are:  ead.rls

Also, make sure you follow the instructions about tweaks to be made
for the location of the files that come in the Panorama sgmlpub
directory.  This site from Duke University is very helpful:

This is the last SQ contact I was aware of:
Kevin G. Forster
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SoftQuad Inc.
Account Manager
Toll free 1-800-387-2777 Ext. 2209
Fax: 1-416-544-0400

best of luck!
Ricky Erway, RLG

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