HI All,
My institution recenlty purchased SoftQuad's SGML publishing suite for
Research Collections. We were told that Author/Editor, part of the suite,
would support the TEI and EAD dtd's as part of the software bundle. Now
that we have loaded both Author/Editor and Panorama Publisher, I have
discovered that:
        1)teilite.dtd was installed, but nothing recognizable as ead

        2)even if ead.dtd was included, we would have to purchase an
application called "Rules Builder" to be able to author ead documents, by
converting ead.dtd to ead.rls.

Does anyone familiar with the RLG bundle from SoftQuad have any
recommendations on how I can obtain teilite.rls and ead.rls (plus any
other necessary files) without having to buy ANOTHER piece of software and
then generate the rules files? If these are necessary in the first place,
why did SoftQuad not include them in the package anyway. How frustrating!

I know others are probably encountering this now as well, so please direct
responses to the list.

Chuck Thomas
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