I'm new to the EAD list, so please forgive me if these questions are
naive or redundant, but I've hit the web and haven't found answers.

Background: my university's library is considering a pilot project
which would result in an EAD-based finding aid, and I'm trying to
figure out the easiest way to support making it available on the web.
(Key word here is *easiest*.)

I've read about the various tools mentioned in Daniel Pitti's January
summary posted to the EAD list (see

   -- Is there a cookbook for setting up any of the available SGML
   tools (DynaText/DynaWeb, Open Text or Isite) to serve out EAD as
   HTML?  Our one experience with SGML server software (OpenText)
   suggests a steep learning curve.

   -- Are there any collaborative EAD projects which would permit us to
   upload our own EAD finding aids and so not have to run an
   SGML-to-web server ourselves?

I'm sure I'll have more questions but this is a start.  Thanks.

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