Blue Angel Technologies has a suite of products that were designed to
assist different communities in managing their information needs.  We've
worked with implementations in a number of different communities and
profiles including GILS, FDGC, DIF, MARC, Dublin Core, etc.

While we are new to this list and have limited knowledge of EAD, our
tools may be useful to the community.  We would be glad to discuss that
possibility with interested parties off-line.

Jon Riewe
Blue Angel Technologies, Inc.

        From:  Prentiss Riddle [SMTP:[log in to unmask]]
        Sent:  Thursday, May 28, 1998 6:32 PM
        To:  Multiple recipients of list EAD
        Subject:  Easiest way to get up to speed delivering EAD

        I'm new to the EAD list, so please forgive me if these questions
        naive or redundant, but I've hit the web and haven't found

        Background: my university's library is considering a pilot
        which would result in an EAD-based finding aid, and I'm trying
        figure out the easiest way to support making it available on the
        (Key word here is *easiest*.)

        I've read about the various tools mentioned in Daniel Pitti's
        summary posted to the EAD list (see

           -- Is there a cookbook for setting up any of the available
           tools (DynaText/DynaWeb, Open Text or Isite) to serve out EAD
           HTML?  Our one experience with SGML server software
           suggests a steep learning curve.

           -- Are there any collaborative EAD projects which would
permit us to
           upload our own EAD finding aids and so not have to run an
           SGML-to-web server ourselves?

        I'm sure I'll have more questions but this is a start.  Thanks.

        -- Prentiss Riddle ("aprendiz de todo, maestro de nada")
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