Hi Tim,
Thanks for your info--it may be of great help.  As I think I mentioned before, we are running VTLS's new Virtua software, which is still somewhat in the beta stage, although it looks like it will be pretty good system when completed and the bugs are worked out.  The other day  I downloaded the MARC 856 info off LC's website.  I assume that that is the newest version of MARC, and our VTLS rep and I tried out some of the different subfields and indicators in the 856.  We were still unable to get Virtua to open anything other than an HTML document.  I'm not sure if that has to do with a Virtua design problem, or if VTLS used an older version of the MARC 856 when they created Virtua.  Any thoughts?

Thank you also for the warning about the national utility incompatibilities.  We are an RLIN library, but have suspended uploads since October.  We plan to resume uploading as soon as we are able to get our Virtua-created records mapped properly to RLIN.  That may be a while, though, since we just started that process.

Many thanks again for your information.


Karen Rege, Associate Librarian
Joseph Downs Collection of Manuscripts and Printed Ephemera
The Winterthur Museum Library
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>>> Timothy Young <[log in to unmask]> 05/28/98 03:49PM >>>
Just to add our 2 cents to the discussion...

Here at Yale, we started adding 856 links to our EAD finding aids a couple of
years ago. They work pretty well.  However, we have suspended this practice
for the time being because of an impending new release of our OPAC.

The stumbling block involves the version of MARC your OPAC uses. Be aware
that MARC Update 3 adds new
subfields and different indicators to the 856 field - which may cause
difficulties if your local system and national utility
(if you contribute records) are not using the same release of MARC.
Until our local system and our national utility jibe on their
version of MARC, we are biding our time.

Timothy Young
Nancy Lyon
EAD "Implementors"
Yale University