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Subject: Local core level modifications -Reply
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The core standard prescribes a floor of description and
access which can be further added to all the way to full.
Therefore, the core record is often described as being
dynamic and upwardly compatible.    This means that once a
core record has been created, other institutions may
continue to add fields to the record up to full level and
still code it as core.  So, should you wish to add the 041,
043 and 504 to an existing core record, you can lock and
replace the master record in OCLC.  It would still be coded
as core.

I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have further
  --Joan Schuitema, Chair Standing Committee on Standards

>>> Jacqueline Jo Byrd <[log in to unmask]> 05/12/98
01:48pm >>>
I have a question about how libraries are handling local
modifications to
PCC core level standards on PCC core level records input by
another institution.  For example, if you have decided to
make 043's,
041's, and
504's as part of your required (if applicable) local core
level standard, do you add these fields to the permanent
record in OCLC, or do you add them only to the record in
the local system?

Thanks for any comments!
Jackie Byrd,
Indiana University Libraries