Ah, Ms Della Porta, Congrats.
     I hope I will still hear from you now and then.
     Fond memories of training days in late '80s
     eGad-- We age!

     Best, Ivan

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Subject: Staff changes at LC
Author:  Program for Cooperative Cataloging <[log in to unmask]> at AA_GRAPELINK
Date:    5/15/98 3:53 AM

To:  PCC libraries
From: Ann Della Porta

     Effective Monday, May 11, I am assigned to serve as one of the assistant
coordinators of the ILS Implementation Team at LC.  I expect this assignment
to last no more than three years.
     Ana Cristan will serve as Acting Team Leader of the Cooperative
Cataloging Team and BIBCO Coordinator for the next few months.  As soon we
know who will step in to the Coop TL position after Ana and for the duration
of the ILS implementation, we will issue an announcement to the list.
     I have enjoyed working with all the PCC libraries as Coop TL and I expect
that my ILS assignment will continue to keep me in touch with many of you as
LC's partners in cooperative ventures.  I look forward to seeing you at ALA
and hope that you will stop by whenever you're at LC.
     Thank you for the generous support and assistance that you have given me
over the past few years.  I know that Ana will be able to count on you in the
same way.

cc: Barbara Tillett, ILS Director