Hi to Bill and all,

We were pleased to present to a packed room at NECC (room had seating for
250 according to the advance info we were given and people were seated and
standing around the outside of the room and standing out in the hall!).
Monica wasn't able to join us but we had a coast to coast presentation with
Kath and Leni representing the West while Joe (Quain who stood in for
Monica) and Cory Brandt represented the East.

Blow by blow details follow:

Leni kicked things off with introductions of the presenters and our
presentation....see the conference site at: (we have
promised Susan to clean up a link to the Fellows "private" page, ASAP!)

Kath next entranced the audience and got some fun participation going with
a wonderful introduction to the resources of the LOC. Her introduction of
Whitman's Hospital Notebooks brought a sheen of tears to an eye or two!
They would have followed her, gladly, to ANY collection!

Leni gave an overview of the American Memory Fellows Program and shared
some of the wonderful projects from the 1997 Fellows (a smiling Peter
Milbury was in the audience and he graciously introduced his team's
project, Reservation Controversies). Michael F. and Tim H....Leni had some
fun with Hetch Hetchy (her son is a "water" lawyer...and your site is about
issues he has discussed rather passionately with her!).

Cory and Joe than gave a marvelous description of their project and how it
was some real interest from the crowd! Cory convinced the
audience that database and archives should become "household" words for
their classes, too...while Joe clearly proved to the audience that the game
of "telephone" can provide a valuable learning experience.

Leni then presented America Dreams, the webquest, and went on to describe
the collaborative project and web event that will flesh it out this fall.
To imagined strains of the National Anthem she described the National
Portrait of America and Wall of Dreams that would be created by students
around the nation. Looked as if we got a number of potential participants
from this group!

At that point, Leni (with great enthusiasm AND respect) introduced one of
THE Staff of the Library of Congress. A very appreciative and impressed
audience listened to Susan V. who was kind enough to say a few words and
thus contribute to a very well received presentation.

Questions and answers followed in the little time we had left.

Leni, Kath, Cory and Joe
>The grapevine from San Diego has it that some of our Fellows have just given a
>terrific presentation at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC)
>this morning.
>Congrats to all those involved, including Leni Donlan, Kathleen Ferenz and
>Monica Edinger (who were listed in the program).  We've heard that Susan
>V. from
>the Library was there too.
>Can someone fill us in on who was there, what was presented and how the
>responded?  We like to know what works!
>And for those who have interesting summer plans -- AM related or not -- let us
>know what you're up to!