Hi Fellows,
Several teams have been beavering away amid term reports and summer plans to
get their lessons ready for the 1998 fellows to see.  Kudos (and a care-free
summer) go to (in no particular order):

John Day and Robert Hines
Cory Brandt and Monica Edinger
Linda Joseph and Jane Hoover
Barbara Wysocki and Frances Jacobson
Peter Milbury and Brett Silva
Kathleen Ferenz and Leni Donlan

Links to their lessons are at

Others who have made the next wave are:

Douglas Perry and Wendy Sauer
Agnes Dunn and Eric Powell
Deborah Pendelton and Jackie Brooks
Carol Nickerson and Michael Young
Michael Federspiel and Tim Hall
Eva Abbamonte and Della Brooks

Their lessons are in the process of revision for the web and should be
available by the end of the month.

Now it's time for some more Fellows to polish their lessons.  Would these
groups contact me and tell me your status so we can start the process:

Bill Fernekes and Harlene Rosenberg
Richard Miller and Gerri Appel
Paul Filio and Carolyn Kindle
Chris Fricke and Glenda Ritz
Mickey Bogart and James Bogart
Brian Bindschadler and Jeff Wadman
Richard del Rio and Carol Barry
Cynthia Stout and Ray Taylor
Rebecca Kolb and Martha Callahan
Gerald Thurmond and Ken Estrella
Kevin Randolph and Alan Fraker
Nancy Kerwin and Joelen Mulvaney
Laura Wakefield and Joy Penny

It's been fun and exciting working with Fellows as they talk about what
they've learned with their lessons and working with students with American
Memory.  I'm looking forward to hearing those stories from the next group of
Fellows as you finish up this school year.
Judy Graves

Judith K. Graves
Education Resources Specialist
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