In response to questions about TWAIN, let me give my understanding of
it.  You can read about it in detail at the Web-site

TWAIN is a standard adopted by the makers of digital scanners for
organizing the output from the scanners.  TWAIN-standardized data
includes not only the digital image file produced by the scanner but
also meta-data, such as the name of the scanner (model), date, and
scanner settings/readings used in making each digital image file, such
Mode:  Gray-Scale
Bits per color:  8 bits
Original:  Reflective
Scan Resolution:  87 ppi
Output Resolution:  150 lpi
Scale Factor:  58%
Left:  0.32 inch
Top: 0.35 inch
Size:  465.3 Kb

Some software programs display this meta-data.  I saw this at CHS with
an Arcus II scanner, its accompanying Fotolook software package, and
Adobe Photoshop.

As I understand what happens:  the technician connects Fotolook to Adobe
Photoshop; places the original image on the scanner bed and starts the
scan.  When the scan is complete, the technician can observe the
resulting digital image in a Fotolook window (within an Adobe Photoshop
window).  On the side of the screen (beside the image) there is a button
labeled something like "Information."  When the technician clicks on it,
another window opens displaying the meta-data with labels.

The technician has the option of deleting this meta-data or saving it.
If he chooses to "save," the meta-data is saved automatically into a
".txt" file named with the same basic label as the digital image

If catalogers want to incorporate some of this meta-data into catalog
records (or into other finding aids/databases) for use in collection
management, it would be nice if we could find a way to route the data
automatically into place.  So I'm looking for software that does
something with the meta-data besides saving it as a ".txt" file.

Thanks for ideas, suggestions, etc.  As you can see, I'm new to this.

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