Network Bulletin No. 98-33

Date: May 29, 1998

Subject: Excess and redistribution program (XESS)

Index term: Annual cycle for missing braille volumes

The annual XESS cycle for braille titles with missing
volumes will begin July 1, 1998.  Libraries should
submit their lists so as to reach the Inventory
Management Section no later than _June 30, 1998._

Using information reported by participating libraries,
NLS will create an Excess Partial Braille (BR) Titles
Report similar to the one attached.  It will be sent to
all participating libraries four to six weeks after the
deadline so they can use it to request missing volumes
from other libraries.  Libraries must arrange their own

Also attached is a sample XESS report and one copy of
each form libraries need to participate.  Libraries may
photocopy as many forms as needed.  Libraries _must_
send their forms to reach NLS by _June 30._
Instructions for using NLSNET are attached.

Send lists to:

Inventory Management Section
Library of Congress
Washington, DC  20542

If within three months no library requests your spare
volumes, they may be discarded as described in Network
Library Manual entry 6.10.7.

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was mailed to the network on May 29, 1998.]

For further information contact:

John Lewis, Head
Inventory Management Section