Network Bulletin No. 98-35

Date:  June 5, 1998

Subject:  Surveys

Index term:  Magazines Produced by Network Libraries

The factsheet Magazines Produced by Network Libraries
is based on data provided by network libraries.  In
order to update the factsheet, we need your response to
the attached survey.  The questionnaire should be
signed by the librarian in charge and should be
returned whether or not your library produces a
cassette or braille magazine.

The second attachment is a listing of titles produced
by your library as it appears in the current edition of
Magazines Produced by Network Libraries.  Please review
it for corrections and deletions.  An asterisk by a
title indicates participation in the NLS Quality
Assurance Program for Recorded Magazines at the
Multistate Center East.

Please respond by June 19, 1998.  A stamped, addressed
envelope is enclosed.

[Attachment:  This report contained an attachment that
was mailed to the network on June 5, 1998.]

For further information contact:

Linda Redmond, Head
Reference Section