Machines & Accessories Bulletin No.  98-04

Date:  June 26, 1998

Subject:  Model C-79 cassette machine declared obsolete

NLS has concluded its review of the model C-79 cassette
machine.  Because of its age and the unavailability of parts,
this machine model is being declared obsolete.

Under no circumstances should this machine be recalled from
patrons, nor should it be disposed of while it is still
working properly.  However, it should not be repaired or
shipped to either of the multistate centers.  Report all
damaged machines on the Obsolete and Damaged Equipment Report,
form 73-162c, or prepare a computer listing showing the model
and serial numbers, agency codes, and number of shipping
labels needed.  Also, remember to remove the batteries from
machines approved by NLS for disposal.

For further information contact:

James Miller
Equipment Control Officer