Network Bulletin No.  98-36

Date:  June 26, 1998

Subject:  Union Catalog

Index term:  Survey on the conditions for interlibrary loan

To update the Guide to Holding Codes and Lending Conditions,
we are surveying the network and other contributors to the
Union Catalog for information about their interlibrary loan
(ILL) procedures and policies.  Attached is a survey form to
assess interlibrary loan conditions.  Please complete the form
and return it by July 30, 1998, to: Robert Axtell,
Bibliographic Control Section, NLS/BPH, Library of Congress,
Washington, DC 20542.  If, after submitting the survey, you
have further changes to your loan policies or procedures
please inform the Bibliographic Control Section.

Standardizing Loan Conditions

Over the years, interlibrary loan has greatly enhanced library
services to patrons.  To further build on these cooperative
efforts, and to facilitate use of e-mail for ILL, NLS asks
that libraries also consider their loan conditions, and
whenever possible, work toward a network-wide standard.

The loan conditions published in 1996 contain several policies
in effect for many network libraries that lend themselves to
standardization.  Please consider adopting the following

Accept loan request through phone, mail, fax, e-mail.

Provide cassette books on loan and exchange; braille on loan;
electronic braille when available.

Mail materials to either the patron or the library as

Establish a loan period of 6 weeks, with extensions available.

Accept any good quality, new C-90 tape for cassette exchange.

For additional information please contact:

Robert Axtell, Head
Bibliographic Control Section

[This bulletin contained an attachment that was mailed to
the network on June 26, 1998.]