Hi all,
Different topic....

American Memory is continuing to add new collections.  This is a year when
you'll start to see several collections come on line each quarter.  Check
in often for updates.  We'll keep you informed also.  (Buckaroos in
Paradise is a MUST SEE.)

We'll be adding several pages to help with searching (strategies and
synonyms pages).  Our search page will also have more options (see
California as I Saw It for the prototype).  These will be going into
production either next week or early in August.

We're activly looking for new ideas for activities.  Suggestions are most
welcome.  We've got one idea for using maps that's percolating away.......
Any tips or wish list?

Finally, thanks to all of those who have been beavering away to get their
lessons in final form.  Some of them will be available for the '98 Fellows
to admire.  Check in Lesson Ideas in another week to get the  first
glimpse.  Also, with great thanks to these pioneers, we've created a lesson
toolkit, with style guide info and html info that will help this year's
fellows (and any others interested in web presentation of materials).

Please continue to send in your suggestions and comments.  We know you'll
help the new Fellows on their journey when they join the list.

Happy beaches,
Judith K. Graves
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