Dear BIBCO representative:

   Welcome to the newly created BIBCO listserv!

   At the first BIBCO Operations Committee meeting held in Washington,
D.C., this past May, discussion centered around the clear need for a forum
to facilitate discussion among all BIBCO members beyond the ten who
represent them on the BIBCO Operations Committee.  From this need came the
proposal that a BIBCO listserv be created to include all member
institutions. This proposal was forwarded to the PCC Steering Committee
who unanimously approved this action at its meeting during ALA this past

     All BIBCO representatives have now been subscribed to this list.

    At this time, we invite catalogers within any BIBCO institution to
subscribe to the list.  As the BIBCO representative please forward this
message to all catalogers in your institution.  Should any of your
colleagues wish to subscribe, please forward their name(s) and e-mail
address(es) to David Williamson at [log in to unmask]

    For a complete discussion of the BIBCO OpCo meeting visit the PCC
homepage ( and click on the BIBCO button
or go right to it at: