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=====================================================The Center for Electronic Records, (U.S.) National Archives and
Records Administration (NARA) has updated the 'Title List: A
Preliminary and Partial Listing of the Data Files in the National
Archives and Records Administration.'  The 'Title List' is
current as of July 6, 1998, and now has entries for approximately
14,000 of the over 100,000 electronic records files in the
custody of NARA.

The  Title List' is available via the NARA homepage.  The general
URL is with information about the electronic
records program and holdings available at

Title List files are also available via FTP.  Anonymous FTP
(password 'guest') to FTP.CU.NIH.GOV, directory NARA_ELECTRONIC.
A READ.ME file on the FTP site provides further information about
the 'Title List' and Title List extract files.  Note that the
full 'Title List' file has 21,666 lines and is approximately 1.5
megabytes in size.

Among the new entries in the 'Title List' are:

1) Title List Section III, Department of Commerce, Records of the
Bureau of the Census (R.G. 29): Decennial Census of Population
and Housing, 1990: Subject Summary Tape File 19 [The Older
Population of the U.S.] and Federal Assistance Awards Data System
(FAADS), 3rd & 4th Quarter, FY1997.

2) Title List Section IV, Department of Defense, Records of the
Office of the Secretary of Defense (Record Group 330): [Southeast
Asia] Combat Area Casualties Current & History Files, as of
November 1997.

3) Title List Section VI, Department of Health and Human
Services, Records of the Agency for Health Care Policy and
Research (R.G. 510): National Medical Expenditure Surveys, 1987:
Public Use Tape 31R [Household Survey Data From Care-Giver and
Care-Receiver Supplements].

4) Title List Section X, Department of Labor, Records of the
Bureau of Labor Statistics (Record Group 257): Major Collective
Bargaining Agreements, Restricted and Public Use Files, 1974-1995.

5) Title List Section XII, Department of Transportation, Records
of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Record
Group 416): Illinois State Accident Data, 1977-1993.

6) Title List Section XV, Independent Establishments and
Government Corporations, Records of the Securities and Exchange
Commission (Record Group 266): Ownership Reporting System
[Insider Trading Data], January 1994 through October 1997..

7) Title List Section XV, Independent Establishments and
Government Corporations, Records of Office of Personnel
Management (R.G. 478): Central Personnel Data File: Suppressed
and Unsuppressed Versions, 1985.

8) Title List Section XVI, Committees, Commissions and Boards,
Records of Temporary Committees, Commissions and Boards (R.G.
220): National Bankruptcy Review Commission, Index to Textual
Records (MS Access file), 1995-1997.

I hope this information is useful.

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