Hi y'all,
Welcome to American Memory Fellows listserv!  The 1997 Fellows have been
alerted that the '98 Fellows will be joining the list.  They know what
states were represented at the 1998 institute, and that your successful
experience at the institute and in the orientation was the result of their
pioneering work with us at the 1997 institute and orientation.  You owe
them a great deal!

They know nothing more, however.  We hope during the coming weeks and
months that we can all work together to make this list a communicative tool
to help and support all Fellows now and in the future.  We at the Library
are committed to keeping this list as both a resource and a support for you
- and for us.

Through the list, we'll announce coming events and collections, etc. as
they come on line.  We'll keep you posted about opportunities or anything
else that comes across our desks that might be of interest as well.  If you
have questions about American Memory or need any information, brochures, or
a shoulder to lean on, just write.  We'll try to put you in touch with the
person who can help.

We will also ask for your help and input as we continue to add materials to
the Learning Page.  As you now know, we value your opinions, and
incorporate your feedback as we design and develop materials for the
Learning Page and American Memory.

But this list isn't really about us - it's about you and helping you to
make connections among each other.  Working with primary sources, working
with online databases of archival material, working within the confines of
local mandates, standards of learning, and the myriad other constraints you
face pose questions.  Ask those questions here.  Chances are there is
someone out there who has thought about or worked through the blips and
kinks and quirks of using these materials with students (and other
teachers, administrators, etc) who can help or point you to other resources
that will.

As we tell our students (and other teachers), no question is dumb.  We are
all trying to find ways to incorporate these materials.  There are just as
many right answers as there are classrooms where these materials support

This list is also yours to make dates - at conferences or for coffee.  Some
of you have the advantage of having fellows from both institutes within
your state or area.  This is your space to connect with them - and
establish visual contact!  We'll be at NCSS in Anaheim and AASL in
Birmingham, so we'll be looking forward to these reunions right away.

The '97 Fellows have tested their lessons and given various presentations
on local, area, state, and national levels.  They've developed a kit bag
full of tricks and tips.  Feel free to tap their experience and expertise.
They've also had the same questions and problems and frustrations that
you've expressed as you've worked with the collections or discussed your
classroom situations.

'97 Fellows -  The class of '98 does you credit.  They have benefitted from
your experiences with us and have asked very good questions.  They have
explored the collections (which now number 37), worked through the
workshops, agonized over their basic lesson presentation on Friday,
marveled at the Jefferson Building and all of the amazing documents and
photographs presented by the curators.  They have energized us with their
curiosity and creativity and excitement about working with American Memory
and with us.  They are warm, friendly, and open.  We invite you to get
acquainted over the course of this next year.

For now, you can learn more about each other by visiting the website at  This is the combined website for last year's
and this year's programs.  The draft lessons for '98 are there.  Bios for
'97 fellows (with pictures) are there.   Pictures for '98 Fellows are being
processed and will be up shortly.

If there's something you'd like us to do, let us know. We are looking
forward to a wonderful year with both sets of Fellows merging in to one
wonderful, awesome group!

Judy, m.h.

Judith K. Graves
Education Resources Specialist
National Digital Library Program
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.  20540-1320
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