Dear Fellows,

Do YOU have photographs you'd like to share?  I know there were cameras
going off at the recent institute and I'll bet that some of the 1997
Fellows have wonderful images to share from working with other educators
and their students over the past year.

The Library of Congress Information Bulletin (LCIB) is planning an article
about the AMF Program and will be looking for a few teriffic candid
photographs to include.  If one of yours is used, you will get a photo
credit and I'll make sure you get a few copies of the newsletter for your

Please send them to me! (My address is in the email footer.)  If you can
scan them--or if you used a digital camera--you may send them as email
attachments.  Send TIFFs or JPGS or if you've used a KODAK digital camera,
you can send the .kdc files.   Diskettes are great too.  Or post them on
your web server and send me the URL.  The higher the image resolution, the
better.  If you want to share printed photos, that's great too.  The LCIB
staff has a scanner.

If you can identify the people in the pictures, that is quite useful--also
the event, if not the 98 Institute.  We have photos of all of the 97 and 98
fellows, so we can figure most of the fellows out, if you're stumped.




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