Dear '97 Fellows,

You'll be pleased to know that the '98 class of American Memory Fellows is
every bit as wonderful as you are!  They've just finished their week in
town, and are excited and stimulated by their week of meeting each other,
exchanging ideas, searching the collections, and visiting the Library,
seeing the 'real McCoy', and talking with curators.

They come from:  Washington, DC; Pennsylvania; Maryland; Kansas; Oklahoma;
Missouri; Michigan; California; Arizona; Colorado; Arkansas;
Massachussetts; Virginia; Kentucky; North Carolina; Idaho; Montana; and

There are more librarians this year, as well as an archivist from Montana.
More English/language arts teachers were here also.  This group was
composed of middle and high school representatives, no elementary.  They
have multiple and varied interests, just as you do, and their interests
enliven their teaching and their work in their libraries.

They came with similar concerns, anguished over searching the collections
and what to put into their lesson plans.  They participated in similar
workshops (improved because of your feedback), and some new ones courtesy
of '97 Fellows Peter Milbury, Frances Jacobson, and Kathleen Ferenz.
They've gone with great ideas for doing presentations, sharing with
colleagues, and plans for implementing their lessons.

Your experience and expertise spoke to them during the Orientation and the
in-town portion.  We did split up the day at the Library - and they wore
comfortable shoes!  They had a more in-depth workshop on searching the
collections.  We added a search help page off the Learning Page to put it
all in perspective.  They had more time to work on their lessons, with an
additional tech person to help them upload their lessons - and the printers
worked!!!  Thanks to your hard work (and they know this), they have a
lesson toolkit to help them craft their lesson (it's online on the Learning

On Friday, the Librarian heard their needs and wishes for American Memory -
and they were articulate spokespeople for your needs as well.  You'll be
meeting them later - we'll be adding their names to this list.  Feel free
to go to the American Memory Fellows website (same one you used last year)
to read some of their posts and see their lesson ideas.

This list will continue, with updates from the Library, and as a forum for
you to ask questions, request advice, support, and ideas, and to just
'reach out and touch' each other as the group grows.  Please post any
upcoming events, conferences, wonderful web sites, or any other helpful
information to the list.  This is your list - with access to some very
special people all over the country linked by your common experiences and
your personal committment to excellence in your professions.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer.  We look forward to hearing from
you via the list and in person  whenever we get an opportunity.  Now the
reunion at NCSS will be bigger than ever!

Judith K. Graves
Education Resources Specialist
National Digital Library Program
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.  20540-1320
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(V)202/707-2562   (F) 202/252-3173