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>Best wishes to Laura and Mickey in their adventure using American Memory with
>Russian teachers and students!  It will be great to hear reports.
>Laura, after the week we just spent in DC struggling to access, interpret and
>build context around the collections, you can appreciate our wonderment at
>them with people who are a world and a language away.   Any ideas about how you
>are going to proceed?  I can imagine the Detroit photos, and new FSA/OWI photos
>would yield lots of interesting discussions about similarities and differences
>between US and Russian life at those moments in the 20th century.  Let us know
>what happens.  And best of luck....
>Bill Tally and the 98 Fellows
>Subject: Sharing AmMem with Russia
>From:    American Memory Fellows <[log in to unmask]> at Internet
>Date:    8/5/98  9:21 PM
>Greetings Fellows,
>Congratulations to the new fellows.  I am excited to see your work.  Two weeks
>ago I had the choice opportunity to introduce the collection to about 40
>outstanding teachers visiting from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the
>Ukraine at the University of Delaware.  I am part of a group of 27 US teachers
>who will be traveling to Russia in October to stay with one of these teachers
>and teach in his/her school for two weeks as part of a program sponsored by
>the US Information Agency.  (Mickey Bogart from the 97 American Memory Fellows
>class is also going).  I wish I could express adequately the excitement and
>interest that the collection elicited from both the Russians and the other US
>teachers.  Many of the Russian teachers have access to the internet at school
>and are eager to use the collection.  I am hoping that I will be assigned to a
>school district in Russia with internet access so that I can report back to
>you all on how Russian students and teachers utilize the collection.   I hope
>you all have a great beginning of the school year!
>Laura Wakefield
>97 Fellows

Interesting Idea, last summer the Philadelphia Social Studies Council hosted
some Russian teachers from Sacalyn (?) Iland.

I *think* I still have their e-mail address and I'll send them info about
our project.

Ron Stoloff, Philly

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