At 12:21 AM 8/25/98 EDT, you wrote:
>   Judy has had a problem making changes to our lesson page from her MAC.  Is
>there something that she should be doing or am I going to have to make all of
>the changes on my PC with windows 95?  School starts tomarrow and we are busy
>working trying to get up to speed with our lesson.  Any help we can get  will
>be most appreciated.
>   We wish all of you a great year.

Cathy Johnson,

There should be no problem with the mac but your problem might be with the
version - we used Netscape 4.0 and that might be a small problem if you used
any fancy tricks - 'fancy' is a realative term - that 3.4, for instance,
can't handle.

Can she 'see' the page but just not editt it?

Ron Stoloff, Philly

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