Hi Fellows,

Cheers to all on the cusp of the school year. Remarkably, some of you have
already been making changes to your preliminary lesson drafts and for that --
hooray!  Those of us still in vacation mode or already inundated salute you.

Folks who've been trying to get at their lesson plans have been encountering the
usual snafus -- and it's been great to see how fellow Fellows have stepped up to
offer help. Thanks especially to Cathy, Carolyn, Ron and Jan.

You'll be glad to know that we're now designing a streamlined way to update your
lesson. It will be available on the new CCT website that will be up after Labor

Until then, here is the easiest / best way to update your lesson:

1. Access your lesson file from the floppy disk you took home.
   Use a browser to view it.
   Make changes using any html editor you can lay your hands on -- Netscape
Composer if you have Communicator 4.0;  Netscape Gold if you have that;  HTML
Assistant; or Claris Home Page as Carolyn suggests. Refer to the handout in our
Institute Notebook titled "Using Composer to Work With the Lesson Template."
    To repost your lesson on the CCT website's 'Draft Lessons' page (again,
temporarily, until the new website is up) follow the instructions in the
handout. To start, click 'Add a Message' while looking at your first version.
Version 2 will then appear below it.

2.  If you cannot access your lesson file from the floppy disk you took home,
there are three ways to access it from the current 'Draft Lessons' page.

a. You can simply copy it as text only into any word processing file, and work
on it that way.  Links and other formatting, however, will not be preserved.

b. You can View the Page Source, copy and paste it into a word processing file
or into SimpleText or Notebook, and then open it using an html editor and work
on it, as above.  You will want to delete all the surrounding hypernews
material, leaving only your lesson. Then repost as above.

c. Finally, you can copy and paste the text passages in your lesson into a new,
blank Lesson Template (available on from the Institute page), using an editor.

If this all seems confusing, don't worry!  It will become simpler soon, when the
new website is up. Meantime, don't hesitate to let us know if you have questions
or problems.

All the best,

Bill and Lois