Hi again,
Just want to touch base briefly about the credit opportunities.

Charlotte Partain of U. of Virginia says that there is no rush to get
registration in by the end of August.  Since the projects do not come in
until next semester, you have a chance to think about things and make a

Dr. Zahral Schoeny (of U.Va.) called me last week to find out more about
the program.  After a tour of the web sites (AM, LP, and our AMF website),
he was extremely enthusiastic about all of you and the opportunity to be a
part of all of this.  His email address is [log in to unmask]  His phone
number is 804/924-4620.  He's part of the Educational Leadership and
Foundations department of the Curry School of Education.  (That's the area
where the ed. tech dept lives.)  He'll be training their faculty on the
opportunities technology offers for developing instruction.  (He's SOLD on
American Memory!)

He's going to take some time to become better acquainted with American
Memory and then send a message to you via the listserv - sometime in the
middle of September when the dust settles from  intake/registration/first
day of school.

Same holds for Continuing Ed Credit.  If you need a statement now, we can
work something out, but it's better for you (more credits, same cost) to
wait until the spring semester.

Best wishes for the start of a great school year,
Judith K. Graves
Education Resources Specialist
National Digital Library Program
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.  20540-1320
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