Hi Judy,
Netscape, when it started, did not have the ability to create web pages,
only see them. Navigator was the original name of the browser.  You could
get a souped-up version of Navigator called Netscape Navigator Gold which
had a web page creator built in. Netscape 3.0 doesn't have a web page
creator automatically built in.  That's why you are having trouble, most
likely - similarity in names has created confusion.

  With Netscape Communicator, the web page creator is called Composer.  A
web page that tells about Composer is

If you don't feel comfortable downloading the software from the Netscape
site, then ask your computer technician to do it for you.  The size of the
software is such that you must download it or install it from a CD or many
diskettes.  It's free, so that's no problem.  The web site above has links
to give you info about Composer.

Once you have Composer, you'll be able to do the same things you did at the
Institute.  That will help you get your feet wet with web editing and
seeing your lesson online.  It will help other Fellows offer you feedback
as the school year goes on.  When you can see what putting your material
online can do and you want to explore adding a few bells and whistles,
we'll take the next step and walk you through adding images, etc.

Don't use MS Word.  It will give you more trouble in the long run for HTML
work.  I love Word for many things, but not HTML.

If you'd like to learn more about HTML editors - and how HTML works, let me
know and I'll walk you through HTML 101.  We could even start a smaller
group to learn about HTML, if anyone would like that.  I know there are
some folks on this list who could share some dos and don'ts when working
with students and HTML, right?

I am thinking also about developing a mini-course on designing instruction
for web presentation, ie - how to present a lesson so students can go right
to it either in the library, at home, or in class.

Don't worry about feeling out of your expertise.  There are some great
folks on this list who have all been there and done that and erased files
and crashed computers!  There will be someone on the list who can help.


At 11:39 AM 8/28/98 -0700, you wrote:
>To Judy Graves:
>I was able to use the disk and call up the info,but can't get it into edit
>mode. I have Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Word 5.1 on my home computer.  Our
>computer technicial at Horace Mann said he can update my Netscape if I
>bring it in.  Will this be sufficient?  I'm really out of my expertise
>Thank you,
>Judy Drummond
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