At 04:31 PM 8/28/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Judy,
>Netscape, when it started, did not have the ability to create web pages,
>only see them. Navigator was the original name of the browser.  You could
>get a souped-up version of Navigator called Netscape Navigator Gold which
>had a web page creator built in. Netscape 3.0 doesn't have a web page
>creator automatically built in.  That's why you are having trouble, most
>likely - similarity in names has created confusion.
>If you'd like to learn more about HTML editors - and how HTML works, let me
>know and I'll walk you through HTML 101.  We could even start a smaller
>group to learn about HTML, if anyone would like that.  I know there are
>some folks on this list who could share some dos and don'ts when working
>with students and HTML, right?
>I am thinking also about developing a mini-course on designing instruction
>for web presentation, ie - how to present a lesson so students can go right
>to it either in the library, at home, or in class.
>Don't worry about feeling out of your expertise.  There are some great
>folks on this list who have all been there and done that and erased files
>and crashed computers!  There will be someone on the list who can help.

Like your idea about teaching us how to write in html for instruction web

I'll be your *2nd* student!

Ron Stoloff, Philly

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