Hi Mel,
We are in the process of doing something better and farther-reaching than
including adult ed teachers in AMF.  We're creating workshops on the web.
We'll be developing a prototype course this fall on searching.  We'll test
it this spring.  If all goes well, we'll be putting more on the web.

So few teachers can come to DC with the AMF program, and there are so many
needs.  Getting our training materials into the hands of Fellows, district
training folks, and just anyone who wants to enroll is going to help us
reach a wider audience.

I'd be happy to help you pull together resources for what you plan to
teach.  We don't think of ourselves as being limited to the K-12 audience.
It's been our starting point, true, but as you say yourself, there are so
many wonderful things here for many audiences.  It will just take people
like you to see the possibilities and help us reach those audiences.

Here's to a great school year,

At 11:00 AM 8/31/98 -0700, Mel Sanchez wrote:
>Greetings Susan and Judith,
>Have you ever thought of including Adult Ed teachers in the AMF
>Institute?  This year for Adult Ed ESL, I will be at a new site that
>has much technology including the internet.
>One of the units we have to teach in order to get federal funding is
>citizenship.  What better place than the LOC and AM sites to teach
>about the different branches of gov., the history of presidents? And
>then, of course, there are the links with the Nat. Archives and
>Thomas, etc.
>Many CC's teach citizenship classes throughout the nation.
>Think about it.
>BTW, the ideas Judith gave me for ESL curriculum are very excellent
>like all the ideas she has.
>Take care all,
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