Hello fellows,

As you prepare to present American Memory to others, you might want to
review our (relatively) new FAQ.

Yes, recently we added a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the
American Memory Historical Collections and the National Digital Library
Program.  You'll find them linked off the American Memory home page
<> here: <>.

There was a nearly-Library-wide effort this summer to create and link FAQ
pages.  You find a link to many others off the Library's home page
<> here: <>.

---heads up!---

The work is mostly done on an American Memory Question submission form
interface, so watch out.  One day you'll go to point to the email address
on the bottom of the American Memory home page or a collection home page
and you'll find a link instead of the address.  The link will take you to
an almost-identical FAQ to the one listed above followed by a form
interface to submit a question.  The email address is available in the text
for people whose browsers do not support forms.

--- By the way,  --- =
   just about anywhere you encounter it...

however... =
   only in American Memory (and then there are exceptions).

Also, please avoid links to "" in your projects, as some
materials are being moved from this server.  Try using "" or
"" in place of "".  If you have questions or
comments, send them off-list to Judy ([log in to unmask]) or me ([log in to unmask]).

Also if you have questions about the listserv and/or want to change the
address where your listserv mail is delivered, send an email to me directly
([log in to unmask]) and I'll take care of it.




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