Machines & Accessories Report No. 98-05

Date: August 17, 1998

Subject: Drive Kit Changes

As a result of economy measures and streamlining efforts,
the composition of drive kits has been changed.  A resultant
34-percent savings will enable greater distribution of the
drive kits throughout the network.  It will be important to
remember, however, that certain parts will have to be
ordered separately as they will no longer be contained in
the drive kits.  These parts are:

Washer - PN 40301-001
E-ring - PN 40301-004
Split washers - PN 40403-019
Reel stoppers - PN 40276-000

Pressure roller instruction sheets will be available on

Labor costs have been the major factor for the high prices
of the drive kits, mainly due to quality control efforts and
inventory checks.  Smaller parts are difficult to locate in
the bags, while the placement of instruction sheets made it
difficult to see or count items in the drive kits.

By changing this composition, the price of a drive kit has
dropped from $11.08 to $7.36, a savings that will be
appreciated throughout the NLS network.

For further information contact:

Kevin Watson
Assistant Equipment and Materials Maintenance Coordinator