At 09:04 AM 8/14/98 -0400, John Riemer wrote:
>At ALA this past June MARBI gave final approval to extending use of the
>856 field to authority records, and the corresponding revisions to the
>USMARC format documentation are due to appear next month.  It is now up
>to specific groups such as the PCC to make decisions on the situations
>in which the field will be used in authority records. <snip>

John and I were fortunate to be among the speakers from the library
community at this summer's "Workshop on the Compilation, Maintenance, and
Dissemination of Taxonomic Authority Files," sponsored by the National
Science Foundation, ALCTS, and the US Geological Survey Biological Resources
Division.   The librarians, scientists, and representatives of the
biological information community who were present at the workshop were
excited about the potential for enriching and expanding the usefulness of
shared authority files via 856 fields in authority records.  I would support
NACO implementation of the field.  There are important uses that John
mentions, and some we have probably not even thought of...


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