Hi Y'all,
Two cents, that's what I'd like - just two cents (okay, maybe five cents
with inflation).

We are creating a web-based course on how to search American Memory
collections.  We are really excited about doing this.  But to make this a
really valuable tool for everyone, I'd like to ask for input from our front
line troops - you!

All of you are painfully aware of all sorts of problems and pitfalls with
searching and finding stuff in AM.  You've all probably said, "Why didn't
someone TELL me this before?" Or "I wish I had known X before I used this
with my classes." or "#@$$%**** search engine"

So, please give me your two cents or five cents, if you are really
passionate about searching).

98 Fellows had access to two workshops about searching and the collections
that 97 Fellows did not. We'll be using some of that material, but there's
nothing like being in the trenches to teach you what you'd wished you'd
learned before you really NEEDED it.

Tell me your strategies for searching, your pet peeves, your tricks and
tips.  Give me a wish list of things you'd like to see taught in a workshop
about searching AM.

Yes, it is the beginning of school for many.  Time is precious.  Still,
many 97 Fellows have been there and done that and could offer some great
advice to the '98 Fellows as they embark upon their first forays into
American Memory with their students.

Thanks to all,
Judy, m.h.
Judith K. Graves
Education Resources Specialist
National Digital Library Program
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.  20540-1320
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