Fellows and Friends, =

CCT's revised AMF website is up and ready for you to use! Find it at: =

On it you'll find...

=95 Pictures of all the 1998 teams !  (Choose 'Fellows' from the menu)
=95 Easy links to your draft lesson !  (Choose 'Lesson plans' from the me=
nu) =

=95 An easy way to to update your lesson plan ! (On the Lesson Plans menu=
=95 A 'Follow-Up' section with other features (coming)

Think of the CCT site as our collective 'portfolio', a place to gather an=
d share
pieces of our work-in-progress.  We also hope ALL of our AMF community --=

especially the 1997 Fellows -- will look in and comment. =

To start off, you should:

=95  Check out your team's picture, and also the group picture that's on =
'Institute' menu.  Fuzzy, but it still brings back memories... =

=95 Add a message to your team's Comment Page.  Tell us what you've been =
up to
since the Institute, or what you were aiming at with the lesson you desig=
ned, or
how you may be thinking about the lesson now.  Anything you want!  =


We'll be adding more to the site this week. Meantime, be on the lookout f=
or the
start of your Working Group discussion.  Fellows will begin chatting next=
 week! =

Cheers,  Bill =