Hi y'all,
Just put a web page up for History Day that you can print out as a handout
for any upcoming presentations or in your classes.

Because it is a web page, you can also save it as a file on your computer
or on a floppy diskette and use it to get straight to the collections or
other resources online.  See Technical Information on the Learning Page for
information on how to use files such as this.

It's definitely three printed pages (in 12 point font).  To get it down to
two pages (a front and back handout), you can do two things:

1) not worry about the category at the bottom.  It's about the technology
of the site and may not be of use to everyone.  Just print the front and
back with American Memory and Exhibits, etc.

2)Go into the preferences area of your browser and choose 10 point font.
Then go to the File-Print Preview section of the toolbar.  It should show
you how many pages the handout will be in 10 point font.  It should be two
pages (with a tad left over that really doesn't matter in terms of content).

Hope this helps all of you who are doing show and tell sessions at your

Around the first of October, we'll have a special presentation to go along
with this collection list.

Let me know if this helps.
Judy, m.h.

Judith K. Graves
Education Resources Specialist
National Digital Library Program
Library of Congress
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