Hello fellows,

This is a message about Listserv housekeeping.   Please send questions
about this type of issue to me at [log in to unmask]

If at any point, you want to change the email account where you get your
AMFellows listserv mail, send me a note to me ([log in to unmask]), and I'll make
the change.  If you want everybody else on the list to know about your new
address, you may send a note to the listserv, too.

It looks like some of your schools are doing pre-school maintenance of
email servers.  Every time your mail server can't accept an Amfellows
message, I get a note to that effect.  If there are failures five days in a
row, the software automatically drops you from the list and I get a
different notice.  At that point I try to figure out what happened and
restore your address to the mailing list.


If your mail server is down unexpectedly for more than a day or two, please
send me a note from a different mail account--or ask your partner to send a
note--so I don't worry about those scary error messages.  Then when your
server is working again, let me know that everything is up and running
again and I'll make sure you're still included.  If you know that your mail
server will be down for more than a few days, you should tell the Listserv
program to suspend your messages until your server is up again.  (A day or
two and I'll just watch the messages and won't worry about you.)

To suspend your Amfellows mail...

   Send a message to [log in to unmask]   (not the list address)
   Leave the subject line blank.
   If you have a signature file, disable it.
   In the BODY of the message type this:


This also works if you're going on vacation and want to suspend your
Amfellows mail while you're gone.  Some people set up a nice "I've gone on
vacation" auto-reply message when they go away.  If you do this PLEASE set
Amfellows to "nomail" so that everybody on the list doesn't get your "I'm
away"  in response to every message anybody sends to the list.

When your server is up and running again and/or you've returned from
vacation, switch the mail back on by following the same procedure, but send
this command instead:


If you think AMFellows mail may be having a delivery problem, but you're
not sure, just send me a note ([log in to unmask]) or call me 202/707-2235 and
I'll check on it.

I will be on vacation the week of Labor Day, so the listserv will be
running itself for the week.  My colleague, Linda White, will be answering
the email in the Learning Page's "Reference Librarian's Mailbox" while I'm

Happy back-to-school.

Betty Brown


   Elizabeth L. Brown, M.L.S.
   National Digital Library Program, LIBN/NDL/VC(1300)
   Library of Congress, Washington, DC  20540-1300
   [log in to unmask]                telephone: 202/707-2235

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