Happy as we are with the release of the new version 1.0 of the EAD DTD, we
are puzzled as to the exact meaning and scope of some of the NEW elements.

After inquiries, it appears that the delivery time (to Europe) of the
printed version of the EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0 is 8-16 (!) weeks.

The online version is not available yet, and it is unknown when it will be
available. We have the previous printed version of the Tag Library. Maybe
it is possible to just describe the new elements and post the somewhere?

In addition to the question of Massimo Castellacci, I would like to know
what the role is of the following new elements:

<container> (In the old DTD version container was one of the possible
attribute values of attribute "loctype" in the element <unitloc>)
<linkgrp >
<physloc>, Does the element <physloc> replace the element <unitloc> in the
old DTD version?
<refloc >

Although we are pretty able to make rather plausible guesses as to what the
elements mean, we wouldn't want to base the encoding of finding aids on
guesses. So, please help!

NOTE: We are aware of the document: "EAD Beta to Version 1.0 Changes", but
as the date on that document (version "Final 3: 1998 01 15") has not been
updated since the new DTD has become available, we wonder what the status
of this document is.


Els van Trigt
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